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Estimates over the phone

We will gladly do over the phone estimate with pricing and a moving day with no surprises!

First class customer service

We are here to help with any questions that may arise before, during, or after the move! We are open 7 days a week!

All inclusive rates

Unlike our competitors we include unlimited shrink wrap and tape in our ourly rate!

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Our movers are professionally trained and will guarantee a smooth transition to your new apartment or house!

Expert packing services

Our moving company offer variety of packing options. Simply ask!

Our trucks — Our movers

Absolutely no day laborers or contractors for affordable local moving.





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Mirna C

Miami, FL


This is an affordable moving company. I used these house movers for the first time today. They were on time and friendly. Two men helped me move from the first floor to the third during a hot summer month. It was my best move.They were drenched in sweat and worked really hard to move me.They were also honest. I left a nice necklace pendant on the nightstand and they brought it to me. That meant a lot to me. I would highly recommend them. Just keep in mind that if theres stairs involved add another 30 minutes to the time.Also pay in cash, it saves you money $9 an hour.Dont move during the summer if you can avoid it, there will be sweat all over everything.

Nathan N.

Houston, TX


It was very simple to schedule a move. While there are MANY apartment movers in the Houston TX, it seems that their schedules fill rapidly. I choose to have my mother move from the Northwest and needed help unloading her furniture from a large moving truck into storage and my home. The problem was that she was delayed and we had a five hour window of time to unload before I had to fly out of town. This was a stressful situation, in addition to the already stressful ordeal that moving is.


No extra payments for:
Wrapping, stairs, assembling, narrow hallway, disassembling, long distance carry

Free use of Blankets
& Moving Pads

Free use of Wardrobe Boxes

Loading / Unloading

Free shrink wrap and tape!

Assembly / Reassembly

Packing / Unpacking

Tax & Basic Insurance

Dollies, Tools

& Straps included

$30/Hr for each additional


Movers Houston

H-Town Movers Houston has been a highly successful local moving company in Houston TX for over 10 years. We owe our 5,000+ clients a year to the word-of-mouth and our life-long customers. People applaud us online! Why? Because we really do care, we don't overcharge and we deliver on our promises!

Ever since our first client, our number 1 rule was to assure that every single customer receives top-notch quality moving services. We have always employed the latests technologies, used only the best trucks, professional equipment and materials. So far we are proud to be local moving company Houston and would like to you to experience the safest and most reliable moving services in Houston

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in Houston


in Houston




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Satisfied Customers
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Are you licensed and insured?

We are a fully licensed and insured company.

Do you have any hidden charges?

We do NOT have any kind of hidden charges. Everything you need for your move is included in our rate.

Do you charge for cigarette or lunch breaks?

Every second of the break is going to be deducted from the total time. You only pay for the time we work.

How is the reservation process done?

It’s very easy. Give us a call to check availability and ask any question you have about your move. Then go to reservation tab on our website, read the terms and conditions very carefully, and fill all necessary information out. Thats it. You will receive a confirmation letter with all details of your upcoming move.

How do I make my move go faster?

Our team will do everything to make your move as fast as possible. But you can help us to do it even faster. Please box up all loose stuff, have boxes ready in one spot, keep pets and kids out of the way.

Do I have to give workers a tip?

A tip is always appreciated but is not a requirement.


Moving tips

  • Make your reservations for movers two to four weeks before your move day.
  • For large appliances be sure to check your owner’s manuals to see if there are special instructions for moving.
  • Don’t try to get rid of your children’s favorite things before the move – even if it makes it easier. Kids sometimes have a hard time dealing with the change of the move itself.
  • By law, a moving company can’t transport hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases and other flammables, ammunition and explosives.
  • Pack a box of essential items that you will need immediately after the move and make sure it’s the last thing added to the truck.
  • Clean out closets, the attic, and the basement as soon as you decide it’s time to move.
  • Make a “survival closet” of things for the last cleanup before you move out – broom, dust cloth, dust pan, mop.
  • Remember to get snacks for move day.
  • Schedule disconnect times for about a week before your move day -- you don’t want to have to pay for cable, phone and utilities when you aren’t even there!
  • Cancel newspapers, cable, pest control, cleaning help, lawn services about a week before the move.
  • Mail in your change of address forms about week before your move date.
  • Clean your stove before you move out.
  • The day before your move, defrost the fridge.
  • Make sure to get enough cash to get you through move day.
  • Take time to say goodbye to friends and neighbors before your busy move day.
  • If you are depending on friends and family to help you move, have a back-up plan if they don’t show.

Packing tips

Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box. Use wardrobe boxes to make closets easier to pack. Clothes in drawers can be placed in suitcases. Use only small boxes for books. They get very heavy, very fast. Never use printed newsprint to wrap fine china. Always stack dishes upwards when packing. Pack important and sentimental documents separately to be easily accessible including: children’s health records, passports, family records, insurance information and photo albums. Remember: the heavier the item, the smaller the box. Don’t pack with food or supermarket boxes. You never know what little critter is hiding – or if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions. Don’t use used boxes. You don't know if the box will be strong enough to support your possessions. Never use duct tape – use packing tape. Clearly label all boxes on top and side. As you take apart furniture and other items make sure to tape all parts to the main base. Try to pack all electronic equipment, like stereos in their original boxes. Otherwise use bubble wrap when packing these items. Start packing items you will not need ahead of time. Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface. Always tape boxes. Don’t interlock the tops. Don’t use boxes without tops. No tops make it impossible to stack properly in the truck. Use custom-designed boxes when packing fine china and clothing.

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